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Rpower Bar ScreenshotRPOWER Restaurant POS provides unmatched flexibility for today's restaurants. RPOWER reaches far beyond traditional point-of-sale systems. From off-site, real-time reporting and extensive customer relationship programs, to the seamless integration with accounting software, RPOWER puts you in control. Its reliability in the field and dedicated support staff ensure your time is focused on your customers.


Rpower provides a myriad of reports giving you detailed information on everything from hourly Sales vs. Labor, to Employee Payroll, to a complete Product Mix. Need to keep tabs on your customers tab? Rpower can keep track of balances due in its customer database and generate billing statements with just a few touches on the screen. What if you want to get sales information but you aren’t at your store everyday? With Rpower’s free web reporting, you can have your daily Sales report emailed directly to you or your accountant automatically as soon as the report is run at the store. You can even go to your Rpower Reports homepage and run individual reports from anywhere with internet access, even your PDA/ cell phone!

Time Clock/Payroll

There is no need for a separate Time Clock system when you purchase Rpower. It has integrated tip-tracking and tip-pooling, as well as hassle-free overtime calculation, making it easy to keep all your payroll information readily accessible and in one place. Rpower also has various security settings so you can control what parts of your system your employees can access. Use an outside Payroll service? Rpower can interface with major payroll services like, ADP, Compu-Pay, and Paychex to automatically send-out your payroll information when you run your Pay Period Time Clock report.


Tired of spending hours keeping track of the books every night? That’s no longer an issue with Rpower’s QuickBooks interface. All of your sales information is taken at the end of the night and automatically posted directly into QuickBooks with absolutely NO manual entry. It can even send the data to a remote computer anywhere with internet access.  Have more than one location using Rpower? We are able to post sales from multiple stores into one central company file* to keep all your sales info in one place (*requires compatible QuickBooks version). Do you do payroll through QuickBooks? Rpower can export your payroll info too!

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